Food Insecurity In Calgary

Calgary is an amazing city in Canada, but there is also problems too. 1 in 7 people who live in Calgary suffer from food insecurity. And the new disease COVID-19 has been increasing those numbers, in fact the number of employed Albertans went down by five per cent due to COVID-19 protocols. Calgary has helped 36,000 stay alive that's insight on the massive amounts of employees have lost their jobs. Just from 2019-2020 Alberta lost 137,700 jobs due to COVID-19 protocols. 

Here are Some More Mind Blowing Facts

- 189,000 Calgarians live below the poverty line

- 12 per cent of people can not reach their basic needs

- 43 per cent of people with food insecurity are kids

People Should not be hungry

People that can not afford food can have major health concerns, not just reasons of starving. People can become sick eating from the garbage, by the large amounts of bacteria in the rotten food! People can develop mental health issues too, because they get into life threatening habits. 

Calgary Food Bank Why you should donate

The Calgary food bank is a amazing place to donate, one amazing thing the Calgary Food Bank did was donate almost 8 million kg of food between 2012 and 2013! They help so many people without access to food stay healthy and happy! Why Not Help is a fundraiser for the Calgary food bank.